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After more than ten years of rapid development and expansion, GL Biochem has become the largest and most authoritative research-grade peptide manufacturer and supplier in the world, with a monthly production capacity of nearly 10,000 purified peptides. GL Biochem is equipped with a large number of the most advanced international peptide research and production equipment including 400 MHz nuclear magnetic resonance. It has accumulated a large number of technical secrets for more than ten years, and has a number of patented technologies and an experienced scientific research and production team. GL Biochem is developing and expanding rapidly. We constantly need chemical professionals at all levels and professionals in other fields to join us. GL Biochem will provide first-class working atmosphere and first-class development opportunities for first-class talents.

Organic Chemists (immediate opening)

  • Synthesis of small molecule and unnatural protected amino acids

    BS in chemistry or biochemistry.

    Shanghai, Melbourne and Binhai

Peptide Chemists (immediate opening)

  • Synthesis purification of synthetic peptides

    BS in peptide chemistry or biochemistry.

    Shanghai, Melbourne and Binhai

Antibody Technicians (immediate opening)

  • Production of polyclonal antibody and monoclonal antibody

    BS in biochemistry or molecular biology


Sale or Business Development Managers (Immediate Opening)

  • professionally promote GL products & services, in person, via phone email visiting

    B.S. in chemistry or biology (M.S. or Ph.D preferred) with three years sales experience working with scientific researchers

    China, Japan, USA, Europe

Apply: If you're qualified and ready to join the GL team, please email a cover letter with your resume to do not accept inquiries or door-to-door visits, please understand)