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Academic Sponsship December,2019
The 7th Shanghai Academician Expert Summit, Jointly launched by the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese A...
Reagent Catalogue December,2019
The latest Reagent Catalogue is available, Welcome to inquire by LIVECHAT
utive vice chairman of JSFOCE November,2019
Seni CPC official meets overseas Chinese entrep November,2019
Academic Sponsship November,2019
GL BIOCHEM sponsored the 3rd Clinical Molecular Diagnostics Forum held in Zhongshan Hospital affilia...
GL Biochem (Germany ) Ltd. November,2019
GL Biochem (Germany ) Ltd. was set up which is specializing in importing advanced technology, applyi...
CPHI WORLDWIDE 2019 November,2019
GL BIOCHEM exhibited in CPHI WORLDWIDE 2019 from 5 to 7 November 2019 in Frankfurt Germany. Our Boot...
Social Activity October,2019
Ms. Zhou, as the vice principal, gave the trainee a lecture during the the second courses of Autumn...
2nd Shanghai International Conference on Cancer October,2019
2nd Shanghai International Conference on Cancer was held in the First Affiliated Hospital, Shanghai ...
Social Activity September,2019
Dr. Hongyan Xu, CEO of GL Biochem, was invited on September 30 in Nanjing for the National Day Recep...
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